Church History

In 1923, when times were particularly difficult for a race of people who were only a few decades past slavery and experiencing extreme poverty, a dynamic project had its beginning.  The project was that of the founding of Mount Pilgrim Missionary Baptist Church originally referred to as “Rock Street Church.” It took a great deal of stamina, foresight, love, and most of all prayers for spiritual guidance from God on the part of 14 pilgrims who might be called the founding fathers of this church.

Meet Our Elders

Pastor EJ Kemper III
Rev Ed Smith
Rev Donovan Deville
Deacon Gurvis Jacobs
Deacon Freddie Hector
Deacon Collie Thomas
Deacon John Reliford
Deacon Charlie Mitchell
Deacon Lester Coleman
Deacon Eligha Guillory
Deacon Alfred Braxton
Deacon Donald McKinnie
Deacon Robert Simpson
Deacon Ronald Swain
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Meet Our Ministry Leaders

Frank Clemons

Brotherhood President

Tywana Braxton

D.R.I.V.E.N. /Young Adult Director

Ralph Joubert

Trustee Board, Chairman

Charlie Mitchell

Sunday School Superintendent

Edward Hudson

Head Usher

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Janet Griffin

WMU President

Selena Bias

Director of Pilgrim Kids Ministry

Mildred Livingston-Smith

Youth Director

Charles Woods

Head of Security

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Mount Pilgrim
Baptist Church


119 North Bank Street

Lake Charles, La 70601

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